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For Some Mayhem

The endless notepad

#some, mayhem, endless, notepad


Werde ein Schüler dieser unnormalen Schule, besser gesagt Internat. . .

academy, fantasy, wesen, kreaturen, internat, real, life, engel, dämonen, vampire, gestaltwandler, übernatürliche

Dreamin' different

Some Dreams are getting real...

dreamin', different, #some, dreams, getting, real

What the hell am I doing?

Just some stories I wrote about a character that doesn't exist.

what, hell, doing?, just, #some, stories, wrote, about, character, that, doesn't, exist

DragonBall Legends

Some legends are told

dragonball, legends, #some, told

McLeods Töchter

It'll take some time to find your heart and come back home. You could walk for miles, cross every river and find you're not alone. 'Cause I'll be there

mcleods, töchter, it'll, take, #some, time, find, your, heart, come, back, home, could, walk, miles, cross, every, river, you're, alone, 'cause, i'll, there


Experimental private rp-forum which will maybe become public at some point

relife, experimental, private, rp-forum, which, maybe, become, public, #some, point

Good Times

Some Stuff^^

good, times, #some, stuff^^

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